More than 20 years of experience

Directed by Fernando, with over 20 years of so that under the feet it is an ex diver professional that has devoted his/her life to the sea. 16 years that he/she lives in Fuerteventura him they do of him an expert of beaches and ideal places for the surf.

Together with him will learn to know the tides, the tides, the best way to row and to reach the "line up", but above all to be standing on the surf table and to take the your first so that!! .

We wait you to discover a series of experiences that this marvelous island has to offer.

Our courses include:
- Theoretical classes and practices.
- Material from surf (table and molt).
- I transport to the beach
- Insurance against the accidents.


It programs technical:
Necessary requisite for the practice of the surf:
To know how to float in the water.

The duration of the course is of 4 hours a day beginning with a small heating, a break to meta'della lesson and exercises of stretching at the end of the lesson. During the course we will learn:
- What is the surf?
- Surf tables and transport.

- Molts and models. As he/she is worn.

- Safety, visual signals between student and teacher.

- Knowledge of the beach and the environment (current, tides... )
- As to enter water with the surf table and to practise in sure way.

- Correct positioning on the surf table.

- Technique of the row.

- Selection of the wave.

- Techniques to get up on the surfboard.

- Time of attended of the wave. Positioning.

- Rules of the surf.

- Ecology and Environment. To take  care  of our beaches.

Gruop with max 6 people, prizes per person:

1 day 40 €

3 days 110 €
5 days  190 €

Prívate or  advanced:
1 day 1 person 80 €

1 day 2 persons 140 €